Business Turnaround – How To End Small Business Owner Burnout!

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When your dream becomes routine or the fires of passion and enthusiasm are dimmed by the difficulties of the day-to-day…

Is it time to quit your business?

Or is it time to reinvent?

You’ve spent thousands of hours time and energy to get this business to where it is now…

And you need not waste that energy or hard work, being swept up into the emotional pain of the current state of affairs, because…

Because your business isn’t about you.

In this realization, there is immense freedom.

When your business is no longer about YOU…

It’s also no longer about being right, or smart, or the best, or hardest working, or most capable.

There’s nothing to prove.

Your ONLY focus then is on providing even more service to others…

And that comes by first more deeply honoring and serving yourself.

The Business Owner Is Both The Source Of The Burnout AND Its Solution

Think about it this way…

The largest reason your business exists is to answer a question, which is in the conscious or subconscious minds of your prospects.

“How do I get _____ result?”

Freedom from a pain.
Experience of a pleasure.

Desires fulfilled.
Pain solved.

Dreams delivered…
Or problems resolved.

This is the point of your business.

And as you think about and test more and more “right ways” to get the result of the maximum people receiving the impact of your product or service, you most quickly navigate to the most truthful expression of your business…

And as your business expresses more of its Truth, it will scale up without causing harm to others, profiting everyone who interacts with it, from employee to customer.

Now, you can’t be fulfilling your business’s highest expression if you’re the bottleneck.

Stressed, burned out, AND at the top?

That’s a problem.

This is where honoring yourself comes back in as priority #1.

It will make you happier, more productive, more consistently in FLOW states of productive contribution and a better person to be around!

Why Small Business Burnout Happens… Business Turnaround Starts With Brain Science

In Dr. Arlene Taylor’s book, “Your brain Has a Bent”, she lays out a model of brain activity that I use DAILY for myself, my team, and my loved ones.

This stuff comes in handy.

Here are the basics of the model… which maps to many other models, including the Herrmann Brain Dominance Institute’s model, and the DISC profile model.

Imagine your brain is 4 quadrants.

Front right is your big vision thinking, synthesis, rule-bending, creativity center. It likes to strategize, create new ideas, and see the big picture.

Front left is your analytical, data-driven implementation center. It likes to build and execute solutions, like an engineer.

Back left quadrant is your maintenance and routine center. It loves to check items off to-do lists and keep things running smoothly.

Back right is your harmony quadrant. It likes to relate with others and create environments and experiences conducive to interpersonal harmony. In your company, this is HR.

Next, imagine that between each quadrant there is a bridge or connection. The bridges do not connect diagonally

So front right connects to back right, or front left only. Back right would connect to front right and back left only, and so on.

Now, in this model, everyone is born with one dominant quadrant.

Wherever you are dominant, meaning naturally inclined to thrive, let’s pretend it costs $1 per minute to use that segment of your brain, energetically.

Once you cross 1 bridge, it costs $10 per minute.

Once you cross 2 bridges (going to the caddy-corner of your dominant zone), it costs $100 per minute.

Ever know someone who came home from work DRAINED, every day?

This is most likely due to them spending too much time in their non-dominant quadrants.

Dr. Taylor suggests an ideal time allocation of 50%+ in your dominant, no more than 20% spent in your two 1-bridge connected quadrants, and no more than 10% in your caddy-corner, or kryptonite quadrant.

This results in you consistently having high energy and enjoyment present in your business, so you stop burning out.

It also lets you see why some things you thrive at while others you struggle with.

Your job is NOT to become amazing at the stuff you’re bad at but to double down on your strengths and bring in exceptional talent who is genius at what you are not.

This creates a long-term sustainable experience of growing your business.

Because businesses change over time, you’ll want to pinpoint why and how your business went from energizing to energy-sucking.

This way you can also see the solutions to implement to reverse this trend.

The 4 Ways You’ll Start To Burn Out In Your Business

Remember the 4 quadrants.

Which one are you dominant in?

The easiest way I’ve found is to ask yourself, “Which of these 4 areas do I absolutely hate operating in?”

The caddy-corner of the quadrant you hate is most likely your dominant zone.

Take a moment to scroll up, re-examine the 4 quadrants, and figure out your dominant zone.

Eventually, the high visionary (front right), hates routine daily tasks (back left).

The high executor (front left) starts to get annoyed by “people problems” (back right).

The systems administrator (back left) falls behind on innovation.

Or the harmony centered people person (back right) finds themselves wrapped up in way too much execution that isn’t theirs to do.

And for each of these quadrants, what you’ll notice is…

There is a specific way YOUR STRENGTH played into the enthusiastic execution that began your successful business…

And a way that now, lacking acknowledgment, you’ve fallen into doing too much of the wrong stuff.

So what’s the solution?

3 Critical Steps For Business Turnaround

1. Find your zone of energization, flow, and genius. Acknowledge that spending a majority of your time here is the way to have consistently high energy and FLOW with your work.

Make a list of everything you do and decide which non-energizing items you can delegate, delete (stop doing), or choose to continue doing. Do this every 30 days. Treat it as a vital process in your business operations, not just for you but for your team members too! Nobody is long-term effective doing work that they hate.

2. Streamline your product marketing and sales focus. If you’re not yet at $1M in yearly revenues, your sole focus is to figure out how to sell your product profitably.

If you’re already scaling, then you need to focus on becoming increasingly more relevant in the lives of your customers (building brand awareness and goodwill), while also scaling laterally or vertically to new markets or with more product to the same market.

3. Focus on building the systems required to have your team play at Olympic caliber. This means project management, team communication, the right people in the right roles, using the productivity practices that produce epic output while being bound together by a culture that inspires… so you have leverage, support, and the opportunity to continue making your highest contribution.

Obviously, a lot of details are left out of this summary, but the key point is to recognize it’s about clearly understanding your personal genius, so that you can then systematically work within your genius, and put the people around you, working in theirs, such that your team THRIVES and you all get to ENJOY the ride.

When you’re playing in that paradigm, burnout doesn’t exist.

You don’t even call it work.

You take the busy-ness out of business.

And it takes on the quality of “excellence on display”…

Which everyone wants to be a part of.

You get the best teammates.

You get to make more of an impact for your customers.

You sell more.

Earn more.

And live in alignment with your highest potential and greatest contribution.

This is the type of results I support my consulting clients to create…

We work together to help you scale your business, freedom, and fulfillment by empowering you with the force multipliers of applied personal development, digital marketing strategy, and systems architecture

The three core pillars of The Untethered Entrepreneur.

If you’d like to discuss personal consulting for your business, click here to apply for a free strategy session.


To Your Success,

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