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“There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.” ~ Leif Babin, Former Navy SEAL Commander

As an entrepreneur, if the outcome is positive, it is our teams to own first and ours to own second.

If the outcome is negative, it’s ours to own entirely.

This is the mindset it takes to create long-standing value and innovation in your marketplace.

Servant leadership.

No man is an island.

The problem is when we fall into dangerous gray areas.

The middle ground…

Where mediocrity runs rampant, and entrepreneurs shirk away from their growth.

You’ll know if you’re there because you’ll have “people problems” on your hand.

Your team isn’t smart enough, thinking big enough, paying enough attention to the details…

Your sales team isn’t consistently closing…

Your marketing team or funnel isn’t bringing in a steady stream of ideal clients.

You’ll know you’re in the dangerous middle ground because you’ll be focusing on what’s going on “out there” that has your business in a bind.

You’ll be, on some level, blaming others for the issues at hand.

The danger of staying here too long is the loss of MOMENTUM, TRUST, and CREDIBILITY that will happen to your team and your marketplace.

Culture can shift in a matter of days.

One act of ownership can inspire your team to rise up…

Similarly, an act of avoidance can inspire them to start looking elsewhere for employment.

When they’ve lost trust in your leadership, it can be difficult to earn it back…

And if you’re denying your ownership over EVERYTHING that happens in the business, then it will be damn near impossible to get it back.

There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.

A simple story that Leif shares in his book Extreme Ownership, co-authored by Jocko Willink proves this point, leaving no room for rebuttal.

During hell week, the SEALS are required to do boat races… navigating obstacle courses as a unit, carrying a 200+ lb. boat on top of their heads, on little to no sleep.

The sweet reward of victory means the team gets to sit the next race out. Vital recovery time during a week of extreme exhaustion.

In the book, Leif recaps a story where one boat crew was winning every race.

Another boat crew was losing every race.

Upon switching the LEADER from the winning team to the losing team…

The formerly LOSING team, which was losing EVERY race, won the very next race.

And the formerly WINNING team, which was winning EVERY race, came in second.

Irrefutable evidence.

There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.

So back to you, the entrepreneur…

What’s one specific action you can take to embrace radical responsibility and put this wisdom to play in your business?

“There are no people problems in business, only systems problems.” ~ Michael E Gerber

“A system is the combination of people, process, and technology.” ~ James P Friel

Your first step may not feel like a step at all, because it’s not OUT THERE, it’s an inside job.

All your problems can be fixed by first fixing your thinking… upgrading your consciousness.

You’re the leader.

The first step is to recognize that all “problems” are pointing back to one thing:

You’re not leading well.

So take your biggest “problem” and flip it. Look at it as an opportunity. Ask yourself, what is the opportunity this problem is calling me towards?

What system (combination of people, process, and technology) could I implement to create a better result?

What commitment do I need to make to “be the change” and lead this solution?

What communications do I need to share with my team so they know I take full responsibility for the problem, the solution, and for supporting them in being part of creating the new result?

Imagine if your leadership inspired levels of performance from your team that they (and you) thought previously unachievable?

Notice I said inspired…

And not “demanded”.

Leaders INSPIRE. Dictators demand.

What if your team consistently played their best game ever, because they had you leading them with this newly inspired level of total responsibility?

Think 95-96’ Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan and company on the court.

What could you accomplish with that level of trust, flow, and positive momentum alive in your company?

You and your team would feel unstoppable.

Now you’re back in the captain’s chair.

Now you’ve got the respect of your team. More importantly, they feel safe with you. They know you’re not waiting for them to fail so you can blame them and toss them off the ship.

And now you’ve got a chance to do what your company is here to do and succeed at empowering your customers with quality and value.

What it takes to lead is simple…
And it’s not easy.

We have stories, beliefs, and ideas about ourselves (or the world) that prevent us from taking this level of ownership…

Maybe you don’t know how to communicate this properly…

Or don’t know how to identify and design the system that must be built to create a better result…

Whatever the case may be, if you’re finding the idea of making this shift overwhelming, let’s connect.

I empower entrepreneurs to make powerful shifts within, so you can then create inspiring results inside your company and the lives of your customers.

Everything starts from within.

And sometimes the things we’re closest to (ourselves for example) are the hardest for us to see clearly.

So if you want some support, click here to learn more about The Untethered Entrepreneur Mentorship and apply for a strategy session.

– Noah Hammond Tyrrell
Creator Of The Untethered Entrepreneur

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