The Secret Of Success Is The Law Of Alignment (Not The Law Of Attraction)

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No amount of effort can change the perfection of your destiny…

The secret of success is to become one who can experience life FULLY, consistently present to the immeasurable joy that comes from total alignment with each new now.

Being a high achiever

You are focused on your goals –

Driven, determined, and willing to endure the necessary challenges to make your dreams a reality.

Not only do you show up with consistent effort, but you’ve also expanded your mind to bring concepts like “the law of attraction” and manifestation into the equation.

So you visualize, you do affirmations, you meditate AND you effort.

And if you’re anything like me…

You’ve also experienced those frustrating moments that come when no matter how hard you try to create your highest vision, live your mission, experience your dream, make your impact, leave your legacy, or access your fullest potential…

The results simply aren’t here yet!

If you’re anything like me, this has happened many times.

Each time causing you to double down on your efforts

And if you look at your life now, you may very well have a higher income or be making a larger impact, but along with your expansion of results has come your expansion of desires.

Desires for more freedom, deeper peace, greater fulfillment (along with the tangibles, like money, or that new home).

So as you’ve continued to focus hard and “manifest your dreams”, it’s potential that the results you seek, the JOY you seek, feels even FURTHER away now than it seemed before.

I’m telling you from experience that if you don’t fix this, you’ll get more of the same.

You’ll go to the depths.

A place of such agonizing emotional pain, that you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.

The pain of rock bottom.

When even YOU start to doubt you…

A place where crazy thoughts run through your mind…

And joy seems so far away.

“After all this self-work!? What!?”

I’ve been there…

AND I’ve seen the beauty of this place.

Rock bottom is where your biggest breakthroughs often live. Since what we’ve been doing has brought us there, we finally crack open.

The “lies we tell ourselves” go flying out the door.

It makes space for Truth.

Often the biggest gifts you’ll have to share with others are received in your ascent out of hell.

This article and what you’re about to learn regarding the true secret of success is one of those gifts.

Dismantling The B.S. Surrounding The Law of Attraction

Everyone already knows that visualization without action is merely fantasizing.

But your problem is not a lack of action.

Your problem is that The Law of Attraction is inherently MISLEADING.

The words Attraction contains the words “act”, “action”, and “traction”.

The misleading part becomes apparent though when we ask, “Who, exactly, is doing the manifesting?”

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t eat meat. I meditate 90-120 min per day and have been, every day, for 7+ years.

I’ve written books on productivity and know the top strategies of productive output.

I’ve achieved top 1% results in a host of fields.

I graduated a top 20 engineering program while going to a calculated 33% of my classes total and building my first successful online business on the side.

I smashed fools on the rugby field.

I earned my first $1,000,000 online by the age of 24.

I KNOW discipline. 

I know action.

I believe fully in the power and necessity of both.

Recently though, I had a realization.

Traveling Through The Busy Streets Of Mumbai, India…

The cars weaved in and out of traffic in a chaotic harmony…

Like blood cells flowing through veins, no imposed order was apparent, but a natural order.

Traveling to my Guru’s ashram in Pune, India, I took a 3-hour cab ride to escape the madness and enter into peace.

During my 10 days stay at this humble, yet invigorating property, there was a series of life-changing, reality-bending experiences.

The one most relevant to this article coming only upon my exit.

Traveling home, I shared my 3-hour cab ride with a woman from Australia, a fellow disciple of my teacher Yogiraj.

She told me of her experience leaving the ashram to get her Akashic records reading.

Basically, if it’s in your destiny to travel to India and have this done, there are three depositories around the country containing palm leaves and Seers.

She told me when she went to the depository, the Seer (spiritual being, a reader of the records), found her palm leaf.

He opened up a thousands year old, rolled up scroll to reveal only a few lines of Sanskrit text.

The Seer then began to tell her EVERYTHING about her life.

“Your name is this, your Mom’s name is this, your Dad’s name is this, your brother’s name is this. You were born here. You had trouble with this growing up. This experience was a very difficult one for you. You love this. You currently do this for work, after having done that for work…”

“And here’s what’s going to happen NEXT.”

Flashback to the ashram.

I was sitting in the courtyard, where about 20 of us had gathered around Guru.

When at the ashram, you grab every moment of Guru conversation time, beyond the official Satsangs (spiritual talks).

I remember sitting in the courtyard when the Australian woman came back from her reading.

Playfully, Guru said, “Ah welcome back! So did they tell you you’re going to become an enlightened Yogi meditating in the caves of the Himalayas?”

“Yes!”, she responded with a laugh and a smile.

I thought they were simply having a playful exchange.

Flash forward back to the cab ride though, and turns out, that’s EXACTLY what the seers had said to her.

Guru was calling it out.

Those words were not simple pleasantries.

They were sharing an inside joke, just between her and himself.

More specifically, the Seer had told her that she would make several more trips back and forth between Australia and India, and that in her mid 60’s she would attain enlightenment meditating in a cave in the Himalayas.

What This Has To Do With The Secret Of Success

If our highest potential and destiny is already in motion from the day we’re born (or well before it, this palm leaf was thousands of years old)…

Then we must ask.

Who, exactly, is “attracting”, what?

Is anyone really using their “wizard powers of visualization” to “manifest” things into creation?

Yes and no.

And though I studied dozens of books on the topic of Law of Attraction, read and listened to many talks from Abraham (Esther Hicks), etc.

It wasn’t until just last weekend, relistening to an Esther-Hicks talk on “The Art of Allowing” that I FULLY realized how this stuff works – and why for SO LONG – I was doing it all wrong.

The Real Secret Of Success Is The Law of Alignment

Here’s the deal.

Not from me.

From the most successful and widely known law of attraction teacher who ever lived.

TRANSLATED by me into languaging that can help you understand and apply it more correctly than ever before, as I’m currently doing for myself with INSTANTANEOUS results.

Imagine the flow of life, and creational lifeforce, as if it was a moving river.

It has a direction and a current.

If you’re paddling upstream, you’ll know, because you feel bad.

If you’re aligned and flowing downstream, you’ll know, because you feel GOOD.

Every time your human self, the leading edge, apparently physical, component of your consciousness, has a desire

Your highest self, the real you, the part of you that’s one with the oneness from which all manifestations have come, instantly expands to contain it.

Physical you is the EXPERIENCER, the participator in duality, the experiencer of contrast (oh I like this, I don’t like this, I want more of this, less of that), and the steerer of the ship.

Physical you gets to ride the ride.

Physical you gets to decide if you ride it joyfully, or while kicking and screaming.

Higher self is the manifestor, or creator.

Higher self is the orchestrator of the divine synchronicities, opportunities, experiences, and learnings that will come into place to enable physical you to live the potential and destiny for which you have come here to experience.

From your Higher self, you have already determined where you would love this river to go.

From your human self, you have the opportunity to make it a playful experience or a miserable one.

Think of it just like a ride at the amusement park.

It can terrify or excite.

It can feel like DEATH, or like LIFE.

Same ride.

Your choice.


If you’re going down the river in reverse, thrashing to paddle upstream, when the things you want start to show up, you won’t even notice because you’re so busy thrashing…

And if you continue to misidentify your human self as the “manifestor”, you’ll continue thrashing harder.

“Thrash harder! We’re not there yet, thrash HARDER!”

But once you recognize your job is NOT to manifest, but simply to ALIGN, now you have a chance to ENJOY. EVERY. MOMENT. OF. THIS. RIDE…

While living with appreciation, awe, and wonderment.

I’ve never understood this as clearly as I do today.

And just two days into deploying this awareness, knowing my only REAL job is to align downstream, and notice how I’m feeling and align downstream, and notice how I’m feeling, and align downstream…

Everything has shifted.

Opportunities are flowing in from everywhere. Abundance, everywhere.

Connections with friends are deepening. Radical appreciation is becoming the norm, despite the challenges or obstacles still present in the human experience.

Like double loops on a rollercoaster, I’m more excited to see how they pan out and how enjoyable of an experience they can be, instead of simply trying to muscle past them.

Now, Won’t This Law of Alignment, Instead of AttrACTION Make You Lazy?

In my experience, no.

In fact, the opposite.

For example, I used to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 6 days a week, 2+ hours daily, for about 3 years.

At the time, training BJJ was downstream for me.

It was aligned.

I did it with JOY, enthusiasm, and appreciation.

When I was injured, I came to class anyway, just to watch, and mentally improve.

When there was a competition, I signed up and trained even harder.

AND – I’ve also experienced many years of NOT training consistently (or at all) and trying to willpower myself back into doing so.

“I Should be training”.


What’s true, and what’s always true, and what will always BE true is that you “should be” ALIGNING.

Alignment feels good.

Even when things are hard.

If it’s the right kind of hard, aligned and true, there will be goodness in it. It will feel downstream.

The problem I was running into in the example above is that something that was previously downstream for me, became upstream.

Yet I couldn’t understand that or let it go.

So willpower forcing, procrastination, self-criticism, and failure to achieve that which you imagine to be important is what happens.

This happens because of blind spots.

So How Do We Identify Our Blind Spots… The Primary Forces That Keep Us Turning Back Upstream?

I took my first personal development weekend seminar at age eight.

Since 2005, I’ve been on a constant, focused path of self-discovery.

During 2016 and 2017, I built a marketing agency exclusively for thought leaders and worked behind the scenes with some of America’s top transformational mentors.

From all my experience thus far…

Here Are The Primary Structures That Pull Us Out of Love And Into Fear (Why We Get Triggered)

In no particular order – these are the primary awarenesses that have served me.

Core Wounds

Brought into my awareness by a former mentor, client, and good friend Jeffrey Van Dyk, typically a human being has two ‘core wounds’.

These are fundamental “I am…” based identity statements that the True You cannot accept as true, although part of your personality or psyche has.

So people spend their lives running from them, either through success to prove them wrong, or addictions to numb the pain.

My two core wounds, which I never saw clearly until ages 30 and 32 are:
“I am the ultimate leech on life.” (valueless) & “I am abandoned and alone.”

Once I became aware of these through a process to uncover them, I was able to see how the major traumatic events in my life were all a playing out of these two fundamentally false beliefs.

Still to this day, I will notice triggers that come from these wounds.

They don’t necessarily go away, but you know where the energy is coming from, so turning back towards alignment becomes exponentially easier.

You stop buying into the illusion.

Parts Creation (Or Fragmentation)

Trauma creates a response.

As the advanced human psyche develops, we create various parts of our personality with various strategies for handling various types of experiences.

We may have the “lone wolf” who can handle it all on their own, when necessary.

Or the “imaginative optimist” who can spin a better future on any current woe.

Since most of these parts get initially developed between the ages of two and seven years old, often times in adulthood, to leave a looping pattern, we must reinvent the relationship with this part of ourselves, and the strategy it is deploying to keep us safe, secure, and loved.

The Triad Of Wounded child, Responsible parent, Adolescent Rebel

Once illuminated, knowing about this triad changes the game.

I’ve seen people exit loops that have been running for decades with this one, simple awareness.

See the image below.


Although the cycle can run in any order, a typical experience is this:

Something triggers pain, and the wounded child gets sad or hurt.

This can only go on so long until the responsible parent voice comes in saying, “Get up, dust yourself off, straighten up, stand tall, take action, change the outcome, work hard!” or some version of that.

Then this can only go on so long before the adolescent rebel says, “Screw this, I’m out. Burn it to the ground. You can’t make me.”

Which eventually leads back to wounding and hurt and the cycle continues.

The cycle can start on any node.

The most important thing to know is all three of these voices were invented by your child. None of them are actually adult.

And for you to graduate from this cycle you’ll need your true self to come online, the benevolent adult who can hold all three of these voices with compassion and love.

Emotional Debris Or Other Trauma In The Body

E-motions. Energy in motion.

Emotions which have not been properly processed don’t simply disappear. They are stored.

And when a similar stimulus to what caused the emotion to fire earlier on comes back into your experience, it’s likely to trigger the same emotion.

This can be true for any other trauma held in the body and the nervous system as well.

Be it sexual abuse, bullying, witnessing violence, or even less “serious” occurrences that happened early on. When the system does not know how to process, it also does not know how to let go.

And when the trigger comes, it feels “real” because it activates your fight or flight, lizard brain, survival mechanisms.

The average human spends 70% of their time in “survival”.

If you want to thrive, these patterns must be processed and released.

Limiting Beliefs

Core wounds would be the most toxic of the limiting beliefs, and there are countless other less toxic, but still limiting ways our thought patterns stop us from living a life of grace and flow.

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, either way, you’re right.

DENIAL Or Identity Preservation (Both Block Flow)

Often times we have an idea of who we are that is blocking the energy of what’s downstream.

For example, my identity of “super disciplined ultra manifestor dude” was blocking the identity that wanted to emerge, “surrendered servant of the divine”, which was my new downstream.

I had to be taken into traumatic life circumstances to crack open on this and realize I was denying the new identity, my next level up, from emerging.

Hitting Our Upper Limits

In Gay Hendrix’s book, The Big Leap, he identifies four primary buckets where people’s upper limits issues exist.

Your upper limits are the upper limits you’ve unknowingly placed on how good and amazing your life can be.

Simply put, human beings are not hard-wired for long-term experiences of wellness in all areas.

This is a new phenomenon for us.

Gay goes as far as to call ALL problems ‘upper limits problems’, and on one level, I agree.

Self-sabotaging patterns are often initiated because you are unconsciously NOT prepared to allow it to stay THIS good.

Lacking Awareness Around Our Inherent Personality, Strengths, Or Genius

Strengthsfinder, Myers Briggs, DISC profile, astrology, numerology, hand analysis, Hexaco, Herman Brain Dominance Institute, Enneagram, Human Design…

All of these are examples of valuable tests that hold key insights into who you are, fundamentally, before you stack your unique life experience on top.

Knowing it, from a multitude of angles like the ones listed above, helps you see yourself objectively, removing blind spots, and helping you diffuse triggers to re-align downstream.

Familial Karma, Ancestral Grief, Past Life Samskaras

Family constellation therapy helps you to understand the ways in which your lineage has impacted your trajectory and can reveal deep insight into why repeating loops or triggers are showing up.

Past-life samskaras, or mental impressions, recollections, and psychological imprints carried between lives are also at play in a similar way.

While these are harder to identify, knowing they can be a factor opens the potential for awareness (the first step of transformation) to come in.


That’s a lot of ‘guck’ my friends…

But from the guck comes the glory!

And once you finish learning from the guck, you’ll get to learn, time and time again, from the glory.

How good can you stand it?

Here’s The Meta Principle That Moves Us Through ALL Of This

You’ve heard it before…

100% responsibility…

It’s not your fault that you’ve had trauma, intensity, a lack of awareness of your core wounds or emotional debris…

It’s not your fault if you’ve made uninformed or ill-prepared decisions that have caused you pain.

And it’s not your fault if you’ve been abused or beaten down by yourself or others…

Remember, those who have been through the most, have the most to give.

So it’s not your fault, but it IS your responsibility.


Why is this the meta-principle?

Because nobody will do this for you, but you.

And as soon as you claim this, you claim your power back.

You remove all victimhood from your space…

And you now have a chance to live your wildest dreams (beyond your wildest dreams, actually, it can be that good).

REMEMBER: No pressure, no diamond.

Healthy pressure, though doesn’t feel like suffering, it feels like progress

And now that you’ve read this far, the healthy pressure you’ve said YES to is to become permanently AWARE of whether or not you are pointing downstream.

And to be willing to do the work to actively heal your awareness to point downstream, no matter the cause of the fear, struggle, or trigger.

This is my definition of being “awake”.

It’s not about some elaborate spiritual experience…

It’s about recognizing your role as master and commander of your consciousness, and claiming that responsibility with sovereign authority.

Here are the tools to do so.

The Definitive Guide To Steering Your Ship of Success Via The Law of Alignment… Techniques, Tactics, and Focal Points For Turning “Triggers” Into Triumphs

Here’s a list of the primary tools, techniques, and awarenesses I’ve used to align myself and clients downstream…

So you can experience maximum fulfillment, embody your highest potential, and all the joy that comes with it.

Emotional Healing

I teach a technique that I’ve used for years and taught to thousands of others with great success in a 3-part Youtube video series that starts here.

Also, my Guru teaches a powerful technique that works incredibly well on this page here.

CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A powerful tool for fixing automatic reactions, OCD behaviors, and interrupting patterned responses that don’t serve you.


Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves because it allows us to let go of old energy, not worth carrying.

Going through every single year of your life, one-by-one, and thinking of every event, person, or thing you need to forgive, and forgiving completely, is life changing.

Don’t forget to do the same for yourself.

Year by year, completely forgive yourself for any perceived shortcomings.

Communication skills – Nonviolent communication

Knowing how to communicate non-violently is a game changer.

You can have even the toughest of conversations, moving repeated problems forward (or out of your space) with ease.

Marshall Rosenberg has an amazing book teaching this.

Limiting Belief Reprogramming

Many techniques exist for getting limiting beliefs out of your body and mind.

Accessing them, clearing them, and re-installing the empowering truth is what’s required.

Alchemy Or Sublimation of Energy

This can include guided meditations, visualization techniques, or Tantra Yoga.

Often what’s required for healing is to actually move the energy in the body.

Remember, energy is just energy.

You can split an atom and power a children’s hospital, or split an atom and annihilate a city.

If energy within you needs to be sublimated from destructive expressions to healthy ones, there are techniques for that.

Closing Knowledge Gaps

Sometimes you’ll experience a healthy trigger because where life is desiring you to go requires new capacity, ability, knowledge, or information.

The negative feeling may be pointing you toward a new skill, teacher, or information that would be in your highest good to start actively acquiring.

Laughter, Friends, Fun

Not always a diversion from your personal growth…

Sometimes you simply need to ENJOY life, because it refuels parts of your being.

A trigger may be saying, “You’re needing more FUN” and that may be exactly the prescription for your growth at this moment.


So much to stay on this topic!

When you don’t have the right hormones, neurochemicals firing, or micro-nutrition (vitamins, minerals) available, there are a whole host of ways your body can make you feel miserable.

Sometimes the solution is not metaphysical, but absolutely physical.

Make sure to understand what food and supplements deeply serve you, whether you discover that through a naturopath, Ayurveda, or other modalities.


They’ve recently proven sleep to be more important for physical health than even diet or exercise.

Are you getting your eight hours, consistently?

Just one sleep-deprived night can double the cortisol (stress hormone) in your body the next day.


Meditation is a meta-tactic because any form of consistent meditation will improve your ability to be aware of self, and deploy any other tactics or technologies required.

Using it in the moment as a tool is also effective.

Stilling yourself, exiting the fear response, and raising your vibration will open your awareness up to effective solutions or next steps.

Remember, no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness with which it was created.

Dancing, Movement, Sprinting – Liberating Physical Energy

In my experience, the process of awakening can often feel like you’re a sponge getting SQUEEZED.

The dirty water (old energies, patterns, whatever that no longer serves) will be released on the squeeze…

But the uncomfortable part is that for something to come out (from buried within), it must come to the surface and be experienced on it’s way out.

Sometimes, your healing will come from LIBERATING physical energies that are no longer yours to carry.

Singing, Chanting, Mantra, Vibrational Attunement – Liberating Emotional Energy

Countless times the healing I needed was singing, chanting, or mantra.

Sound is vibration.

Emotional energy can liberate in the process.

Every cell of your body can attune to the sacred vibrations of a mantra, or the frequency of a specific emotion, like love (528 Hz).

Parts Integration

There is a specific process for identifying parts of your personality, deepening your relationship with them, and upgrading their strategies.

If some part of you is looping, this is a critical place to look too.

In the last two years since I’ve learned this technique, I’ve used it over twenty times to make critical shifts.

Core Wound Identification

Knowledge is power.

If you have not identified your core wounds, find a process or guide that can support you in doing so.

This is often the FIRST piece of work I do with clients because knowing these has been such a game changer for me.

PAUSE & Breath

The first thing to do when triggered is to PAUSE.

This gives you a chance not to react, but to respond.

When I’m triggered, I pause, then breath.

The breath controls the mind, the mind plays a primary role in controlling the emotions and your physiology.

Breath in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds.

Spend 3 minutes breathing like this, THEN feel into your intuition about what other tools may be required in this moment.

Coaching, Mentorship, Support, Phone a Friend

Having the support of a coach or mentor in your corner is critical.

Someone who you can BLAH your triggered state out to, and lean on for centered guidance and next steps.

Having a friend you can call when you need to BLAH is powerful too.

Sometimes we just need to be heard.

Careful though not to make it a pity party.

Choose this friend wisely.

They are not here to commiserate with you and thus verify the correctness of your negative states…

It needs to be someone who sees the True You and is committed to the True You coming into this world more fully, no excuses.


I saved one of the best for last.

Without journaling, I might literally be dead.

It’s space where you can first BLAH it out, and get clear for yourself.

Then you can connect into self, higher self, intuition (whatever you call it), and actually download guidance and wisdom for yourself, by asking high quality questions.

In many ways, you are your own greatest teacher.

Learning from trial-and-error alone is foolish.

Leveraging the wisdom of others is critical.

And to fully embody that wisdom, you often need to see yourself coaching yourself through that very same awareness.

That’s been my experience.

Bringing It All Together In 3 Sentences!

The true manifestor is your highest self, and you need not worry about HOW you are lining it all up, you simply need to manage your human.

There are a myriad of reasons why we get triggered and ways of responding such that we re-align, while expanding into our next version of self (the one capable of having all that we deeply desire).

This is the true secret of success.

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