Self Leadership And “The Law of Opposites”

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In order to lead others we must first be able to powerfully lead ourselves.

You know this is true, so you’ve already taken action.

You’ve written down your goals, clarified your vision, and you work hard daily (sometimes every day of the week) to bring your visions into reality.

You’re no slug. You don’t shy away from the action. You’re here to play.

The problem though for many entrepreneurs is when we hit our growth edge…

A place inside yourself, or in your business development that you have yet to go before…

This is where self leadership can fall apart.

We might get triggered by difficult scenarios like an employee who breaks our trust, an unreceptive market to our latest big idea, family issues at home, or any number of life’s lovely distractions that can take us off our A-game.

This is when entrepreneurs can fall into a downward spiral.

Since we’re the leaders, we know we must also lead ourselves…

But when we’re failing to lead ourselves effectively, who can WE turn to?

This can be a dark and scary place.

It can be easy to get stuck there.

This is why it’s critical to understand the need for MASTERY of self leadership.

In this short article you’ll get the most valuable awareness for mastery of self leadership (among other things).

The Law of Opposites – The #1 Tool For Mastering Self Leadership

Imagine a nice sized check coming in from a newly acquired client.

You want to put it in the bank and to save time you pull out your smartphone to use mobile deposit.

The problem though is the reader isn’t scanning the check well. The corner is creased and making the check stand up off the table instead of laying flat.

How do you fix it?

You crease the corner in the opposite direction.

The opposite crease offsets the original crease. Problem solved. Check goes in the bank!

What does this have to do with your business and leadership?


Since 2005 I’ve been relentlessly studying, applying, and teaching personal development, quantum physics, yoga, and meditation.

From my myriad of studies, real-world experience implementing in my own life and coaching hundreds of clients, a pattern has emerged.

The law of opposites applies to more than paper folding!

Healing Difficult, Distracting, Or Disempowering Emotions

The healing of a “bad” emotional state can come by embracing the opposite emotion.

For example, if you’re feeling FRUSTRATED – breathing in peace is the vibrational remedy for your frustration.

If you’re ANGRY – breathing in love is your healing tonic.

It can be as simple as breathing in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… While saying internally “I am love I am love I am love”, breathing out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… doing the same.

The vibrational frequency of the OPPOSITE emotion will soothe and calm the vibrational disturbance, or “negative” emotion.

My Guru and spiritual teacher shares a technique for emotional healing, which is similar, but more comprehensive then what I described above.

Removing Self-Limiting Beliefs

Working with hundreds of clients and helping them to achieve new goals and progress, we often revisit and reprogram old, or self-limiting beliefs.

When someone is stuck with what they don’t want, there is always an internal pattern playing out that is creating that.

Inevitably, the OPPOSITE of the old belief becomes the remedy.

“I’m abandoned and alone” becomes “I’m connected to infinite love”…

“I’m not good enough” becomes “I am divine perfection” – to name a few general ones.

The best part of this awareness is that when you reprogram a limiting belief, time and time again I’ve seen the patterns showing up in your life change.

The triggers or repeating patterns that once drove you mad, and the often painful emotions accompanying them, disappear.

Shifting To An Empowered Identity

This is one step deeper than beliefs.

Beliefs can take on lots of forms, whereas Identity statements are fundamental “I am…” statements.

I am a loser…
I am a winner…

Your choice.

When self-leadership is lacking and you’re going into crisis mode, check in.

Is there an identity statement playing out here that I need to shift?

Remember you must be able to consistently, successful lead yourself before you can do so for others.

Closing More Sales And Serving More Clients

“The reason they can’t is the reason they must!”, my friend and sales trainer Alex Moscow says time and time again.

In sales, what you’ll find is that the objection is a window into the wound that’s holding back the very success the person is wanting to overcome by engaging with your product or service.

Someone is too logical, locked up by the calculating mind, and needing to calculate on the decision some more?

They need to be invited into their spontaneity.

Someone doesn’t trust that you’ll get them the result?

They need to be invited to remember their self trust, and to make a decision rooted in that place.

The law of opposites at work again.

Experiencing Greater Freedom

When you have the awareness to lead yourself, even in times of challenging growth, you have the capacity to lead a team of A-PLAYERS…

Those who are relentless, tenacious, skillful, growing, compassionate, and capable…like you.

When you always have a solution to lead yourself no matter the challenge at hand, you’ll also always have a solution to lead others, regardless of circumstance.

This means your team can handle ANYTHING…

And it means your company will be an inspiring place to work at – attracting top talent…

Freeing you to make your impact, follow your expansion, and lead from love.

Now, if you found value from this, I encourage you to share it.

These simple mindsets that play out all across our lives, like the law of opposites, are what I believe people need. If you can think of one person it will benefit, please send them this link.

And if you’re inspired to see what you and I could co-create working together with The Untethered Entrepreneur coaching program, don’t hesitate to apply for a strategy session with me.

I empower entrepreneurs to scale their business AND their freedom at the same time…

And I know that our most difficult challenges – the ones that present themselves on our path towards mastery and giving our greatest gifts – are not easy to tackle alone.

I wouldn’t advise it.

If it weren’t for the half dozen mentors and dozens of leaders I’ve had the opportunity to work with and be inspired by, there’s no chance I’d be where I am today.

So if you’d like some support in stepping into your mastery as a leader, an entrepreneur, and a lover of life, click here to apply for a strategy session with me and let’s explore.

Perhaps our magic and superpowers can combine to bring even more of your magic out into this world. 🙂

To Your Success,
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