“The Science of Getting Rich – The Power of Values”

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When you realize the true source of wealth, it stops eluding you, and you get to start experiencing it right away.

What you VALUE, appreciates.

The values you hold drive your actions…

And your consistent actions lead to your consistent results and experience of reality.

A man who built his billion-dollar company while also deeply studying the Native American shamanic traditions once told me that, “A billion dollars is simply a penny with ten zeros after it.”

He said, “If you don’t value the penny, how can you appreciate or expect a billion dollars?”

What you value, appreciates.

The science of getting rich has a lot more to do with what you value, then it does any specific financial tactic.

Sure, you can learn about the best ways to strategically invest or manage your finances…

And these things are definitely important, but not what this article is about.

What we’re here to discuss is the power of VALUES, because getting rich can start TODAY, in your inner experience first, and then later in your material experience.

A Rich Life Is…

I believe a rich life means a life rich in personal connection, purpose, meaning, enjoyment, health, AND material abundance…

A rich life means getting to stretch yourself to the limits of your potential, finding out what contribution you’re truly capable of.

A rich life means knowing why you were born, well before you die, so you get to make prudent use of this knowledge.

A rich life means leaving something for others that puts them in a better position than where you started…

A rich life means transitioning out of your body with no regrets, knowing you truly did everything you were here to do, no questions asked.

So how do you get to have it all?

The Secret Science of Getting Rich – Values-Driven Consistency

The end goals are carrots

They make the horse go forward.

Earn $10,000 per month.

Travel to 30 new countries by age 30.

Build a multi-million dollar company.

Become the President of the United State of America.

Whether you hit these goals or not, is NOT the point of your life.

The point of your life is WHO YOU BECOME and what you get to experience as you pursue these goals.

For years I trained and competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments and every fighter knows, the thrill of victory or sting of defeat are both temporary…

While the fighter you become in the process of training, you carry with you forever.

That’s the difference between Process Goals and Product Goals.

Product goals are the end result. The carrot on the stick.

Process goals are the consistent actions you must take along the way to be most likely to achieve your product goals.

Process goals are where the magic happens.

Are you showing up and consistently taking right action?

That’s what matters.

Where that takes you, will be revealed along the way.

Some goals you’ll nail dead on…

Others, you’ll stop desiring before you achieve them, or the vision will transform into something even more aligned.

Either way, what’s most important is to make sure the software that’s driving you (value driven determinations made primarily by your subconscious mind) is set correct for living a rich life.

Think of your values as the programming behind an auto-sorting machine.

This machine watches red widgets and blue widgets coming down a pipeline and puts red ones in the red box, blue ones in the blue box.

The way it makes its determination is via the programming which helps it determine one color vs. the other.

Then based on its assessment, it puts the colored widgets into their like-color boxes.

Think of your values the same way.

Your values are the programming that has you determine right vs. wrong.

To act one way or another.

Which is correct?

Depends on the values set within. The programming.

Values are one of the primary and mostly automatic (subconscious) reasons why we do what we do.

8 ‘Shadow Values’ Upgrades For Living A Richer Life

There are plenty of other important values that I don’t discuss below, like valuing going the extra mile, moving in applied faith, living from love and compassion, to name a few…

The point of the list below though is to point out common “shadow values” that are present in our culture.

A 1 degree shift in direction, played out over the next 30-60 years, changes EVERYTHING about your destination.

If any of these values need adjustment in your space…

Doing so could easily be that 1 degree shift that changes everything.

1. Comfort Vs. Greatness

Are you optimizing for comfort or greatness?

You can’t have both

Your greatness is always outside your current comfort zone.

Optimizing for growth, which often means “pain” or discomfort, is how you achieve your greatness.

Once you’re in the habit of taking aligned action, the pain or discomforts of expansion will be nothing compared to the energy and enthusiasm you’ll feel along the way.

2. Rightness Vs. The Rightest

You can’t be curious and firmly “right” at the same time.

Either you’re constantly testing your own conclusions with a new hypothesis, or you’re enjoying the brief satisfaction, security, and safety of being “right”.

Making it your job to always test what you think is right against a new possibility, awards you two things:

  1. Faster access to the rightest, truest, or most useful answer
  2. Humility of ego no matter how successful, rich, or admired you become

Both of these are extremely valuable if you want to live a rich life.

Along with this is…

3. Knowing Vs. Lifelong Improvement

A true master is one who knows that he knows nothing.

4. Fundamentals Vs. Flash

Emphasizing how much you value the fundamentals will skyrocket your life in all areas…

Value the penny. Don’t wait for it to be a large sum of money before you care about how you treat it.

Value the simple actions that are always within your control.

Time on the mat they call it in BJJ.

How much are you practicing your craft?

Are you so good they can’t ignore you?

In “The Art of Learning” Josh Waitzkin, world champion chess and Jiu Jitsu competitor talks about learning chess first with only two pieces on the board

The goal was to master the fundamentals of how each piece can move in support of others.

No fancy openings or 15-move tricks.

Two pieces, moving together.

The fundamentals.

Every piece of success in every area of your life will be built upon the fundamentals.

Master the fundamentals.

Return to and practice them consistently.

No flash, no shortcut, no hack.

This is the truth of mastery.

5. Accolades Or Validation Vs. Improvement

Don’t get sucked into the trap of ego-satisfaction.

Striving for achievement or gain in order to get accolades, or validation that you are smart, right, good, or whole and complete is a sure way to NOT reach your highest potential.

You must self-source your most meaningful accolades.

You must be proud of yourself.

You must love yourself.

You must do the healing work required to truly see and admire your own miraculous self.

Once you do, you’ll drop the need for validation coming from others, or from a result you produce…

Which allows you to focus on what matters, getting 1% better every day and doing business for the service of others…

Plus you’ll have the emotional capacity to receive critical feedback with open ears, eyes, and mind.

6. Convenience Vs. Health

One example: Ashwagandha powder.

It tastes absolutely disgusting to me… chalky and pungent.

Yet, I still gulp some down when my body feels called to supplement with it.

If you never eat anything that is bitter, pungent, or sour, you’re missing out on the nutrient profiles that these flavors represent, and a long-term deficiency or “dis-ease” is what is likely to occur.

Health is not equal to the epitome of convenience.

You must carve out time to meditate. It will reduce your stress and extend your life.

You must do the work to find out what foods, herbs, and supplements help your body consistently thrive. Reducing inflammation leads to a longer, healthier life.

If you default to what’s convenient, you won’t get a long-term experience of clarity or health.

7. Connection Vs. Isolation

This one seems obvious

The most brutal thing you can do to a man who’s already in jail for murder is make him sit in a room by himself…

But when we’re high achievers, focused on goals, how often do we isolate behind a computer screen?

Or when we’re angry, depressed, sad, or frustrated, how often do we choose to isolate, for fear of anyone seeing us at our worst, or being “that person” who’s “taking value” from others?

We do this all the time!

In a 20 year study done by Harvard though, they found the #1 correlation to someone living a long, happy life is the quality of their relationships.

Prioritizing your values for connection will make you happier and more successful in all ways.

We need each other…

Especially when we’re in the thick of things.

8. Stimulation Vs. Nourishment

A night out at the club chasing women is stimulating

A night in by the fire with the woman you love is nourishing.

A triple stuffed oreo is stimulating….

A sweet treat made with 100% real cocoa is nourishing.

A trip to a Las Vegas casino is stimulating…

A trip to a beach bungalow in Costa Rica is nourishing.

Conversations with 5,000 “friends” daily through social media is stimulating…

An in-person conversation with one friend whom you love dearly is nourishing.

As a society we are over-stimulated and undernourished.

This leads to dis-ease. In our minds, bodies, or energetics.

Re-prioritize nourishment and see how rich your life ALREADY is!

A Simple Assignment

When you realize that value determinations are a hidden force driving your consistent actions…

You have the opportunity to shift anything that needs shifting for you to get what you truly desire out of this life experience.

Now, the simplest way to know what your top values are is to write them out on a piece of paper.

Ask yourself, “What do I value?”

Free flow and write every answer that comes out, until no more answers are left in the tank.

Next, compare them vs. each other, and put them in order of most valued to least.

Then ask, “Am I living in alignment with my top values?”

When we answer yes to this question, we already have a rich life, and our job is simply to continue forth, enjoying the process to the utmost degree!

If the answer is no, then make a commitment today to prioritize your top values.

When I work with personal clients, the three major areas we focus on are:

  1. Developing radical self-awareness around your core genius and aligned operating systems (values included)
  2. Laser focusing you on the most enjoyable, energizing, and scalable profit centers in your business
  3. Building the systems to maximize your freedom, with the marketing leverage, team support, productivity practices, clarity and focus required to take your life and ventures to the next level.

If you’d like to discuss getting my personal support, I have a few slots available at the time of writing this and you can click here to learn more.

Till next time!

To Your Success,

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