The Untethered Entrepreneur Manifesto!

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The Untethered Entrepreneur Episode #1: “The Manifesto”

Welcome to The Untethered Entrepreneur!

A community of disrupters who use business as a vehicle for personal growth and global contribution.

We take 100% responsibility for the world we live in and that’s why we’re the ones creating the change we wish to see. For ourselves, our communities, and our larger global family, humanity. Stay tuned for personal development, fast-growing business, and leading-edge wisdom to support you in living with The Untethered Entrepreneur.

Cheers to unlocking your limitless potential.

No this is not actually Sparta… but this IS our manifesto. This is our call. This is our battle cry. This is our call to the community as to what The Untethered Entrepreneur is and why I’m so grateful, so proud, so enthusiastic to be bringing it out into the world.

The Untethered Entrepreneur is a concept. It is an opportunity. It is a way of being that recognizes your own inherent limitless nature as a creator. Such that, as a community of untethered entrepreneurs, we can step into creating what we’re here to create, changing the world in the ways that we’re here to change the world, and making the difference that we know we’re here to make.

Being untethered is about being connected to the truth that you are actually limitless potential. Being untethered means in your mind, in your heart, in your body, in your soul, in your business, in your health, in your relationships, the absolute power that you have is being recognized, cultivated, and actualized.
So let’s talk about it…

What is included in being an untethered entrepreneur?

Well, when you are untethered, you’re not limited by your mindset. All right?

So it’s not just the thoughts you think. It’s your understanding of the way your psyche’s been developed, understanding of your genius zone, understanding of your wound patterns, understanding of your subconscious beliefs. Understanding, and reprogramming, and repositioning, and re-attuning of your entire mental framework to be in service of your mission. Right?

It’s about having our mind/body connection…

About knowing our, and having a framework for moving through, and working with, and getting guidance from, our emotions. It’s about understanding our energetic presence in our business, in our families, in our communities, and on this planet… As part of the global family of humanity.

In business, it’s about knowing how to execute…

It’s about knowing how to get the team of support that you need around you. It’s about knowing a clear vision and a clear pathway forward for a fast growth experience that brings your message out into the world, because that’s exactly what the world is needing right now. It’s a rapid influx of positive messaging, positive products, positive communities, and positive opportunities for people to grab onto and to use for moving into a new paradigm, as a collective, on this planet.

It’s about in your health, being untethered…

You know, I haven’t taken a pill out of necessity, or gone to the doctor, in years…And that’s how human beings are meant to exist. We’re meant to exist with an overarching experience of wellness. Our body is so sophisticated, beyond anything that science has comprehended, or really is going to be able to comprehend in the near or immediate future. The way our body works is so sophisticated, and so magical, and so powerful, it’s meant to keep you in a state of wellness.

Being untethered means being in that state of wellness…

Not only in your physical experience, but in your emotional and mental experience as well. Being untethered means having the relationships that you want in your life… Where you’re being filled with love and getting the opportunity to fill others with love. Where you’re being contributed to and having the opportunity to contribute.

Being untethered means having abundant access to resources…

Having no limiters on your wealth, or your wealth consciousness. Being able to receive in abundance, and to give in abundance, and to use those resources that are given unto you. To sound very biblical, given unto you, out into the world, and to others. Right?

It’s about being completely limitless…

In your health, in your wealth, in your relationships, in your business. Such that you can become the vehicle for a true creation to come through you, for your life’s work to emerge, for your ultimate impact in this now, to be fully realized and delivered. That’s being The Untethered Entrepreneur and my sincere belief is that the world has never been changed by the masses.

In fact, the world will never be changed by the masses. The world has, and always will be, changed by a select few who believe that they can do it, and who step into doing it, and in the process, become the beings who can and do it. Right? It’s that 1% of people and that’s The Untethered Entrepreneurs.

We’re here to create the new paradigms. We’re here to change this planet. That’s what being untethered is all about. Having the access to your being, and to the systems, and the creation, and the mentality, and the platforms that are gonna take your work out into the world in a much larger and much more impactful way.

So I look forward to sharing content in the frames of all of these untetherings and supporting my community, our community, of untethered entrepreneurs. Stepping into that reality, stepping into your fullest potential, stepping into your fullest creation, and enjoying the ride every step of the way. So cheers to being Untethered Entrepreneurs!

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